Did you hear? The Best Band for Children is coming to the Loustock Children’s Song Festival! And they play all their super hits: Wheels of the Bus, Head Shoulders Knees en Toes, Itsy Bitsy Spider and much more.

Loustock Children’s Songs Festival makes brand new, super original children’s music in sixties style. Think Beatles, Peace & Love, hippies, but in a lovely Loulou & Lou twist. Do you already have your ticket? Clickhere for a sneak preview.

What exactly is a band?

A band is a group of musicians who play a particular genre of music together. Rock bands, soul bands, jazz bands, mariachi bands, you name it! Each band has a certain combination of musicians and instruments that makes the band unique. Traditionally, every band has a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist and a singer or vocalist, but actually every band looks different.

On the first album from The Funniest Band for Kids, the saxophone plays the lead role!

Did you know: saxophone edition

Did you know that the saxophone is the only instrument invented by one person alone? Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone around 1840.

Did you know that the saxophone is considered a woodwind instrument, despite being made of copper?

Did you know that composers Ravel, Rachmaninov, Gershwin, Strauss & Bizet wrote parts or solos for the saxophone in their most famous works?

Did you know that of all woodwinds, the saxophone has the greatest range? Because of the way its bore is made, the saxophone can produce a sound surprisingly similar to the human voice. Its wide range of emotional expression makes it ideal as a solo instrument!

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