Maestro Mozy

Maestro Mozy, master of classical music. Mozy takes you on a journey of relaxation and concentration with the most beautiful and famous masterpieces by the best composers. Some pieces are already 100 years old! Classical music provides relaxation and has also proven to be effective for the development of (unborn) babies and young children. The calm rhythms and neat sounds of Maestro Mozy will undoubtedly make fathers, mothers and children incredibly relaxed!

The Best Classical Music For Kids!

Introducing children to classical music, how do you do that? Well that’s actually quite easy. After all, classical music is quite hip, funny and beautiful. Next year, we are all going to have fun adventures. From swirling violins, pounding timpani, to beautiful piano pieces to fall asleep to. Contemporary classical tunes and the best-known and lesser-known classics by Bach, Chopin and Mozart.

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