Get to know the world with the adventures, fairytales, meditations & more from Loulou & Lou

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Listen to classic fairy tales and new adventures by Loulou and Lou, always guided by the best music and told in a relaxing way. Educational, modern, and always held to the highest standards for kids' content - of course.

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Meditate with Guru Woof

Meditation is very good for us. Not only for parents, but certainly also for kids! Introduce your child in a simple way to meditation, for a calm body and a quiet mind. You can start from the age of 3 with our Zen master Guru Woof’s children’s meditations!

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podcast for kids

Good for houuurs of responsible entertainment for those tiny ears. A new episode of 10-20 minutes every week. With a beautiful mix of stories, meditations, educational rhymes, songs & more! Always made by real makers and musicians, under our critical eye for quality.

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Learning with Loulou & Lou

Did you know that learning could be FUN? Together with Loulou & Lou you will learn the ALPHABET (from your A, B, C, D, E, F, G!), you will learn COUNTING (from your 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to 10) and so MUCH MORE: from brushing teeth to getting to know the universe and everything within it. Always in a cheerful and MUSICAL way, because that is our specialty. Would you like to watch and learn with us?

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