We are Loulou & Lou. All kinds of children's songs recorded by real musicians.

Who are we? Loulou & Lou’s roots

Our core team exists of 4 creative little bosses. 2 happy musicians and 2 graphical heroes. 2 boys and 2 girls. 2 moms and 2 dads. On a mission to make all kinds of nursery rhymes, by real musicians, for all children!

Loulou & Lou’s big brave goal.

We think every child should have access to the wonderful world of music. We transform diversity and culture to nursery rhymes. Made by real musicians. With love. Because music is the best gift we can pass on. To all children. 


Listening to music, dancing and singing helps. It stimulates the developing child's brain in many many ways. "Singing and making music is instrumental for the development of a young brain", research has shown time and time again. We want to pass that along, to every child.

And why Loulou & Lou?

Our modern society is rich and culturally diverse. A diversity that children are confronted with at a young age. To keep all of our beautiful cultures alive and kicking, we think it is important to introduce different styles of music to children and start them young. How, you ask? With the most versatile approach possible. Nursery rhymes ranging across all different musical genres, sung by singers from across the world.

Listen to Loulou & Lou

Every year Loulou & Lou gives back.

We like to give back and every year, we dedicate time to a beautiful social project, to make the world a bit of a better place. We think every child should have access to the wonderful world of music. So in 2020 we made music for kids with a visual impairment. In Lux & Louise's braille book, they can really feel the songs. From their fingers to their toes that can't stop moving.

Educational Projects - Because music helps

A passion for music!

No pre-programmed fuss in our nursery rhymes. All of our music is made with real old-school instruments, by professional musicians, in a real studio. Because music deserves to be made with love, especially music for children!

Loulou & Lou's creators live in the wild south of our beautiful Netherlands, but we are conquering the world and are currently singing in 18 languages. Did you know that we have worked with over 75 professional musicians and have made over 5000 albums? Wow!


Get to know the world

With our music, children learn how much fun it is to get to know different kinds of music, culture and traditions. By listening to Jazz Cat Louis' cool little Jazz band, Loustock's sixties guitar music or Guru Woof's zen yoga tunes. What are you waiting for?