Loulou & Lou idea is born!

September 2016

Founders Wouter, Sophie, Renee & Emerson sit together under the Spanish sun, having a drink, and that’s where the idea arises. The young parents lack quality children’s music, for their little one’s ears and their own. A coincidence: Wouter already has his own music studio and label. Not a coincidence: Renee & Emerson’s daughter is called Loulou! Lou is invented, the musicians are gathered and the adventure can begin.

In February 2017 we released the very first album: It is called “Piano Children’s Songs” and it’s popular right away.

And we sing. Sophie is even very good at it. So not much later we recorded our first real non-instrumental album. It’s called “The 20 Best Children’s Songs” and is still one of our most timeless hits. Just take a listen: