New music styles

January 2019

Loulou & Lou need friends. That’s for sure now. Jazz is such a cool musical style, it deserves its own stage! So Jazz Cat Louis is created at the start of 2019. Our own real jazz cat, who translates well-known and new children’s songs into his own musical style. Nice.

A few months later, in the spring of that year, Guru Woof is born. We would like to show children the whole world… – through our music. So we introduce all kinds of world music through this brand new artist: Guru Woof. The friendly world traveler and just plain fun dog, who plays all kinds of relaxing music and instruments and sounds from all over the world.

In the autumn a third friend appears: Maestro Mozy. Our master pianist is versed in all classical instruments and music styles. We record existing children’s songs in classical styles, and perform classic pieces in a child-friendly way. Without losing the musical quality of course. We are once again richer in a special music style!