HELLO! We Are Loulou & Lou. A record label specialized in kid's music! All kinds of childrens’ songs recorded by real musicians. With love. Because music is the best gift we can pass on. To all children.

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We like to be busy. Because of our enthusiasm, new things keep surfacing. From new albums and artists to great educational projects. So keep an eye out for us! 


We’re Celebrating!

We're turning three and have some sweet birthday treats coming up for you. Of course we will always be making music, but there's more to us. We like to keep busy, cannot sit still and just like that new things keep on coming. We are counting down to our third birthday and we're seeing incredible new things on the horizon. Keep an eye out for fresh recipes, hot off the press blogposts and fun trivia. Are you celebrating with us? Lift off in 3,2,1

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Educational projects – Because music helps - Every year Loulou & Lou gives back

For the past 3 years, Loulou & Lou has been dedicated to beautiful, social projects, to make the world a bit of a better place. 

Listening to music, dancing and singing along helps. It stimulates the little brain's development on a surprising number of levels. From motor skills to dyslexia. “Singing and making music is like an instrument for the young brain's development”, research has shown over and over again. We'd like to pass that on - to every child.

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Real love! Real Music!

No pre-programmed fuss in our nursery rhymes. All of our music is made with real old-school instruments, by professional musicians, in a real studio. Because music deserves to be made with love, especially music for children!

Loulou & Lou’s big brave goal!


Loulou & Lou are not alone! Meet all of their musical friends, like Mama Cozy and her soothing sounds, Baby Snoozy for relaxing moments, Jazz Cat Louis with his little Jazz Club and Cowboy Jack with his guitar. Check out this selection of our cool music videos and get to know us!

Bah Bah Black Sheep - Loulou & Lou

Nursery Rhymes Loulou & Lou

Itsy Bitsy Spider - Loulou & Lou

Nursery Rhymes Loulou & Lou

Salsa Music For Kids - Loulou & Lou

Nursery Rhymes Loulou & Lou

Happy Birthday - Loulou & Lou

Nursery Rhymes Loulou & Lou