HELLO! We Are Loulou & Lou. All kinds of childrens’ songs recorded by real musicians. With love. Because music is the best gift we can pass on. To all children.

We like to be busy. Because of our enthusiasm, new things keep surfacing. From new albums and artists to great educational projects. So keep an eye out for us! 

Stuffes Easter bunny eggs

It's almost Easter! These happy stuffed Easter bunny eggs will definitely steal the show at Easter breakfast - plus they are tasty, healthy and a nice change to your regular Easter eggs! 

Let's get to work!

Educational projects – Because music helps

Listening to music, dancing to music and singing along helps. It stimulates the development of the growing brain on many levels, from motor skills to dyslexia. “Singing and making music is an instrument for the development of the young brain” research shows again and again. That’s something to pass on to your child – every child.

Feeling songs - Braille Book

We believe that every child should have access to the world of music. So we made music for kids with a visual impairment, among other things. They can really feel songs in the Lux & Louise Braille book. It flows from the fingers to the heart and on to the feet that can no longer stand still.  

Real love! No automated playing around in our children's songs. Professional musicians in a real studio make all our music with old-school instruments, because music deserves this kind of attention and love. Especially with music for children, and their parents listening in ;-).

Lux & Louise Braille book

A new album full of Salsa summer-hits.

Listen to the Loulou & Lou Salsa Special. The best-known children's songs in a Latin American jacket (or rather) blouse ;-). Enjoy and dance with your kids to the swinging music of Loulou and Lou

Listen to the Loulou & Lou Salsa Special


Loulou & Lou are not alone! Meet all their musical friends like Mama Cozy with her peaceful sing-alongs, Baby Snoozy for relaxing moments, Jazz Cat Louis with his little Jazz Club and Cowboy Jack with his guitar.
Check out a selection of our cool music videos and discover all of us.

Bah Bah Black Sheep - Loulou & Lou

Nursery Rhymes Loulou & Lou

Itsy Bitsy Spider - Loulou & Lou

Nursery Rhymes Loulou & Lou

Salsa Music For Kids - Loulou & Lou

Nursery Rhymes Loulou & Lou

Happy Birthday - Loulou & Lou

Nursery Rhymes Loulou & Lou