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We like to be busy. Because of our enthusiasm, new things keep surfacing. From new albums and artists to great educational projects. So keep an eye out for us! 

Saint Martin's Day

Today is St. Martin’s days! Kids trick-or-treating and singing their hearts out - this year it will all be slightly different. Lanterns may stay shelved, kids will stay inside. To make up for it we have lots of super fun St Martin’s music and animations you can watch and sing along to at home! 

Sing Along

Kids' BBQ

Summer's here! Have you been enjoying the nice weather like we have? We have some kid friendly recipe inspiration for all of you that are firing up the BBQ soon! 

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Did you know?

Did you know composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart sold more CDs than anyone else in 2016? 


Butterflies in your stomach

Did you know music can give you the feeling you’re falling in love? Goosebumps, butterflies in your stomach and that warm, fuzzy, loving feeling when you’re listening to your favorite music. What causes it?


Children's Curry

Loulou & Lou wanted to try something a little different! Together with Guru Woof they made this children’s curry. A little taste of heaven, nice and mild, perfect for little ones.

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Did you know?

Did you know sounds of nature can be super relaxing? Rippling waves, chirping sounds from the jungle or the wind blowing though leaves. All sounds that can make us completely zen. But how does that work exactly? Why do many sounds of nature invoke calmness, both in adults and children?


Zucchini fries

On tonight’s menu: fries! A big favorite in every household. And what’s even better: these ones have a healthy tweak about them. Feasting guaranteed! 

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Did you know?

Did you know lullabies can have a positive effect on premature babies? Lots of researchers studied the effect that music can have on premature born babies. What they found is that especially lullabies can be beneficial for preemies. Lullabies can slow down their heart rate or increase their calorie intake, which in turn helps them grow. 

Did you know?

Salad in a jar

Getting your kids to eat healthy meals can be challenging to say the least. Making it a fun and crafty activity will get you a head start. Who says salads can’t be fun? Little chickpea here, little tomato there, veggies everywhere! This salad in a jar will make dinnertime into a little health craze party.

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Help! My toddler won’t let me sing anymore

A well-known phenomenon for many parents: you’re just singing along to your favorite song, when all of a sudden your toddler tells you to STOP! it. Worried much? Of course we want our children to voice their opinions and wishes, but what if these opinions and wishes are not aligned with our wishes to just sing along? Also, and maybe even worse, you might wonder if it’s your voice that’s bothering them. To get a better understanding of what is going on...


Check out our Lux & Louise Braille Book.

Listening to music, dancing to music and singing along helps. It stimulates the development of the growing brain on many levels, from motor skills to dyslexia. “Singing and making music is an instrument for the development of the young brain” research shows again and again. That’s something to pass on to your child – every child.

Check out our Lux & Louise Braille Book.

Check out our Lux & Louise Braille Book.

Listen To Jazz Music For Kids With Jazz Cat Louis!

Jazz music is for all ages. That is why Loulou & Lou and Jazz Cat Louis wrapped up the most famous children's songs in a hip Jazz package! Enjoy and dance along with your kids to the swinging tunes of Loulou & Lou.  

No programmed tunes by Jazz Cat Louis and Loulou & Lou. Professional musicians in a real studio make all our music with old-school instruments. Listen to our famous children's songs in a Jazzy package. Drums, double bass, piano, Hammond organ, Trumpet and Saxophone. What a party!! Because music deserves to be loved and listened to. Especially with music for children, and their parents listening in ;-).  

Listen To Jazz Cat Louis

A new album full of Salsa summer-hits.

Listen to the Loulou & Lou Salsa Special. The best-known children's songs in a Latin American jacket (or rather) blouse ;-). Enjoy and dance with your kids to the swinging music of Loulou and Lou.

Check Out our Salsa Summer Special... It's Hot!!

New Release: Guru Woof

Guru Woof - For All Children Who Love Yoga.   Guru Woof is for all children who enjoy pure relaxation, yoga or a nice nap. Zen animal sounds, a babbling brook or a relaxing piano piece: Everything your child needs to unwind. And there is something in here for all children. The smallest babies learn new sounds with Guru Woof, while they explore their own voices while babbling. The slightly older children can really relax. With Guru Woof you don't have to do anything! Just enjoy. 

Meditation Time With Guru Woof!!

Hooray !! Loulou and Lou - Children's songs Loulou and Lou succeeded!

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