HELLO! We Are Loulou & Lou. All kinds of children’s songs recorded by real musicians. With love. Because music is the best gift we can pass on. To all children.


Loulou & Lou are not alone! Meet all their musical friends like Mama Cozy with her peaceful sing-alongs, Baby Snoozy for relaxing moments, Jazz Cat Louis with his little Jazz Club and Cowboy Jack with his rowdy guitar.
Check out a selection of our cool music videos and discover all of us.

The most relaxed, dreamy and beautiful piano songs are those of Baby Snoozy.

It is not only super zen and soothing, Baby Snoozy has also made some very playful and educational albums. Songs with all kinds of animals and nature sounds that let the little ones get acquainted with all this beauty from nature and the animal kingdom in a fun and peaceful way. Playing, listening, learning to recognize and imitate alternating with a nice nap and relax makes Baby Snoozy the perfect company for you and your little one (s)!

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