Guru Woof - For All Children Who Love Yoga.  

Guru Woof is for all children who enjoy pure relaxation, yoga or a nice nap. Zen animal sounds, a babbling brook or a relaxing piano piece: Everything your child needs to unwind. And there is something in here for all children. The smallest babies learn new sounds with Guru Woof, while they explore their own voices while babbling. The slightly older children can really relax. With Guru Woof you don't have to do anything! Just enjoy. 

Listen To Guru Woof

Discovering Nature Sounds With Guru Woof

Discovering and listening to nature sounds brings peace. It stimulates the development of the small brain in a surprising number of areas. This is what research shows us time and time again. We already knew that natural sounds bring relaxation to our little ones and us. And now, top researchers in this field have found out how it all works.

Meditation Time... Ohm!!