Stuffed Easter bunny eggs

It's almost Easter! These happy stuffed easter bunny eggs will definitely steal the show at Easter breakfast - plus they are tasty, healthy and a nice change to your regular easter eggs! 

What do you need?

For 10 stuffed eggs
5 eggs
2,5 tspn yoghurt mayonaise
1 (small) tspn mustard
Pinch of paprika powder
Pinch of salt & pepper
A few carrots
2 stalks of celery

Let's get to work!

Boil the eggs for a good 8 minutes. Rinse with cold water and let them cool a bit more. Peel the eggs and cut in two. Carefully take out the hard boiled yolks and keep them in a bowl. Add the yoghurt mayonaise, mustard, paprika powder and salt & pepper and mix until smooth. Cut the carrots and celery into thin strips of about 3 cm long. Fill each egg with the yolk mixture. Use the carrot and celery stips as ears and whiskers and the raisins as eyes and ears.